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We produce  both manual and automated PowerPoint presentations converted to video/DVD. If you need a simple sales or training presentation call us. But our specialty is automated presentations, often set to music or with voice-overs for reception rooms and lobbies where people are gathered for any reason.  Some potential uses are:

Don’t spend a ton of money on a video when a good automated PowerPoint may do as well or better!

We will help you create the perfect presentation. Check out the below samples.

Grand Strand Connection Video Link Winter Wonderland Video Link Map Destinations' member Benefits Video Link Powerpoint Introduction Copy Always On My Mind Video Link Bluescasters Band Video Link Quotation Mark Graphic

….absolutely fabulous work.  Very creative.

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Rosanne Cavalucci

Partner/Sales Director

MAP Destinations

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Johnnie is a magician.

L.D. Worley

Bluescasters Band

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